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adding a renewable energy park. it would result in what? >> the avoidance of 3.6 million tons of greenhouse gas. >> reporter: some nearby residents say time super. >> it's absolutely a broken promise. >> reporter: bill lynch heads the citizen's group that want the landfill closed. >> they put caps in their development conditions in 2007 that there would be no further expansion of this landfill. >> reporter: not to mention the effects on precious wildlife. >> they offered to put three wind turbines up on top but we're within five miles of a major east coast eagles nesting area. there's 10 nesting eagles and 10 pairs just five miles away. >> reporter: some neighbors say they had it with the noise but close the landfill and there will be more of the same. >> possibly trucks would then have to be trucked to other landfills much further away. >> reporter: dozens of people are expected at tonight's planning commission meeting. that happens at 8:00. from there a recommendation will be need the board. and a decision should come within the next few weeks. in lorton, erika gonzalez, ne
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1